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Whether you’re interested in opening a general investing account, an IRA for retirement investing, a corporate account for your business or investment club, or an account to benefit a trust, optionsXpress has you covered.

Whether investing for yourself or for your beneficiaries, you can take reassurance in optionsXpress’ dedication to low costs.

Place Your Trust in Us

optionsXpress offers regular trusts, Keogh Accounts, Profit Sharing Plans (PSP), and Money Purchase Plans (MPP). With optionsXpress you can trade stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds and even futures in one convenient account.

Regular Trust Accounts
A Trust is a legal agreement between the creator of the agreement (Trustor or Grantor) and a Trustee. The Trust gives the Trustee the right to manage funds on behalf of a beneficiary designated by the Trustor.
Keogh Account (Self-Employed Pension)
A Keogh account is one way small business owners and the self-employed may set up a retirement plan for themselves and their employees. Funds placed in Keogh accounts are made up of pretax dollars, and grow tax deferred.
Profit Sharing Plan (PSP)
Profit Sharing Plans are another vehicle by which small business owners and the self-employed may establish a retirement plan for their employees and themselves. In PSPs, a percentage of the employer's profits are distributed among the trustees on a defined basis.
Money Purchase Plan (MPP)
Money Purchase Plans are another retirement plan for the self-employed and small businesses. In an MPP, a pre-determined amount is distributed to the trustees (employees) on a regular basis. Because the amount of distributions is not flexible, it is best for employers with a regular cash flow.

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