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Contract Size
112,000 lbs
Tick Size
0.01 = $11.20

The History of ICE Sugar #11 Futures

Sugar cane originated some 2,500 years ago on the Indian sub-continent, and for centuries has been a highly valued and widely traded commodity. Because of its primary use in foods prepared in many cultures, its trade value was based upon its universal use, not only as a flavor enhancer but also as a food preservative. Sugar's market significance was further increased because of its fermenting properties and its byproducts (e.g., molasses), which had equal or greater economic value than the granular sugar and less perishability when shipped long distances.

The sugar market grew more global in nature during the twentieth century, it became more vulnerable to supply and demand shifts in various parts of the world. Before the development of the sugar beet industry, the semi-tropical location of the original sugar cane source meant that supply routes were long, tenuous, and easily disrupted. The closing of the European markets for sugar during World War I represented such a supply disruption.

Today, sugar remains a vital commodity in the world marketplace and has expanded its presence in a broad range of economic areas from foods to fuels. Sugar prices trade up and down, due to a variety of factors, including extreme weather, disease, insects, trade agreements, refinery activity, and government price support programs. Sugar futures and options represent essential hedging tools for producers, exporters, candy manufacturers, trade houses, bakers, refiners and dealers. In addition, individual investors and speculators trade sugar futures and options in hopes of realizing profits from changing prices.

ICE Sugar #11 Futures Specifications

Sugar #11 futures, IntercontinentalExchange (ICE), trading symbol SB. The NYBOT contract covers 112,000 lbs. The minimum tick size is 0.01, worth $11.20 per contract.

Trade electronically on the ICE platform from 3:30 AM US EST to 2:00 PM US EST.

Primary trading months for sugar futures and options are March, May, July, and October.

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