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Contract Size
125,000 Swiss Francs
Tick Size
0.0001 = $12.50

About CME Swiss Franc Futures

Financial institutions, investment managers, corporations, and private investors can use Swiss Franc futures and options to manage the risks associated with currency rate fluctuation and to take advantage of profit opportunities stemming from changes in currency rates.

Swiss Francs are an attractive instrument that can add to portfolio diversification for both lenders and borrowers. When the Euro was introduced, the Swiss Franc appreciated significantly against it from April to September 2000, and remains one of the world's strongest currencies. The return on Swiss Franc and capital market instruments exhibit both a low volatility and a low correlation with the return on foreign assets. One Swiss Franc is typically divided into 100 centimes.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange initiated trading in Swiss Franc futures in 1972, and options on futures were launched by the exchange in 1985. optionsXpress currently offers Swiss Franc futures and options trading on the CME's on Globex electronic trading platform.

The Swiss Franc contract is designed to reflect changes in the U.S. Dollar value of the Franc. Futures contracts are quoted in U.S. Dollars per Franc, and call for physical delivery at expiration. Exercised options on futures contracts are settled by the delivery of futures contracts.

The CME has long been considered the world's premier exchange for the trading of currency futures and options. optionsXpress allows you to trade Swiss Franc futures on the CME Globex system for 23 continuous hours each day - so you can trade whenever it's most convenient for you.

CME Swiss Franc Futures Specifications

Swiss Franc futures, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, symbol SF. Minimum Tick Size: $0.0001 per Swiss Franc, worth $12.50 per contract.

Swiss Franc futures trade continuously on the CME Globex system, from 6:00 PM US EST on Sunday until 5:00 PM US EST Monday. During the week, the trading session is from 6:00 PM US EST until 5:00 PM US EST the following afternoon.

Available Trading Months: March, June, September, and December.

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